What is the AdSense CPC? And how much is the AdSense CPC in Pakistan?

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What is the AdSense CPC?

What is the AdSense CPC?

(Cost Per Click) 

Anyone who clicks on AdSense advertising The money they get from it will be his CPC. Meaning you get 10 clicks a day and your daily daily earnings are a dollar. So that means your AdSense cpc is $ 0.10. And this is a good CPC.

How much is AdSense CPC in Pakistan?

People are getting millions of people from AdSense in Pakistan but their CPC is good. Due to this, they get clicks from other countries and the CPCs of other countries are good. The best CPC is of America. On which one click you can make up to $ 10. Meaning that 10 click clicks can be reduced to $ 100 if they meet the United States. But Pakistan’s CPC is very low. Its CPC is up to $ 0.01 to $ 0.04. Which is very low.

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