What is SEO And How it Works

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What is SEO?

Today we will discuss about SEO

SEO is a search engine optimisation. Two types of SEO

On page SEO and off page SEO

On page SEO:

In on page SEO write some words that’s called contents this contents are used in our post  these contents used to learn other people’s about something such as news health jobs and other technology post. In on page SEO we use keyword and what to rank that keyword on Google. On page SEO is necessary to rank your post.

Off page SEO:

In off page SEO we create backlinks, web 2.0, pbn links and comment backlinks. comment backlinksb are of two types  do follow and nofollow.

In poff page SEO we get guest posts. In guest posts we use other website and add our website to other website posts.

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