Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques For 2018

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Off Page optimization is very crucial and important part of doing search engine optimization for getting the higer position in search engine result page – SERP and to get more quality visitor & traffic to the website. However, SEO works properly with the implementation of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO techniques. I am going to explain some Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques For 2018,Also this is going to be followed by most of the bloggers and digital marketers.

What is Off Page Optimization:

Off page optimization is the process of doing some tasks or advertising outside website to get more traffic through link building. In another word, I can say, Off-page SEO techniques is the process of building links from other websites to your website. It’s actually a process where you advertise about yourself in outside like we do in traditional marketing.  And on page SEO technique is the process to do changes on the website or attracting customer by doing modification in website layout or interface.

Why Off Page SEO Needed:

Google search engine believe that, If your website is having more number of links from outside website. It means you are very popular that’s why other people linked to you. And Google while crawling their website, it will find your link and crawls your website too, So the higher number of high-quality backlinks from another website will help you to get higher rank in search engine result page. For better ranking, google apart from off page optimization techniques so many other factors also consider.

In short, you can say off page SEO techniques = high-quality link building

Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

SMM is the process of sharing your website link with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, Tumbler, etc. When you share the link to other platforms, users click on that link and came to your website. This will help you to get traffic instantly. Its one of the proven off page optimization techniques. Below you can see the number of users on different social media platform:

Indian Social Media Marketing Users in 2018

Social media is very powerful to generate traffic to the website instantly. You can see the number of users, If you are sharing your link with this much audience then you image how much traffic you can get.


Writing content for your target users and let them know about your product or services. Continuous writing will help you to keep engaging your customer and also create awareness about you in the market. Google also give preference to the website who are updating their website frequently. You can read How Google Search Engine Works – Guide for understanding it in more better way. After writing blog post don’t forget to share your blog post on social media, other related websites.

Guest Posting:

A very popular and most effective way of generating high-quality backlink is guest posting. Guest posting is a method where you go to other websites and ask them to publish your content or article on their website with the link. This way you get one, two or more links to your site and site owner will get a good article on its website. While writing the guest post make sure to read the guidelines of the website and prepare based on that. Its a proven off page SEO techniques of 2017 and will continued in 2018 too, you can find the list of guest posting sites on google. Some sites are free and some are paid.

Directory/Forum/ Classified Submission:

In this meth, d we submit our website link to others directories, forums and classified websites. However most of the forms are dead now, they are not frequently updating. So make sure you are submitting your website to only those website, which is frequently updating and high domain and page authority.

Social Bookmarking:

In this method, we submit our blog post links to some bookmarking sites like reddit, tumbler, Pinterest, Digg, delicious, etc. The search engine crawls this type of website frequently and while crawling it will find your website link and give you the better ranking.

Image/Infographics./Video/PPT/PDF Sharing & Submission:

Preparing the files like image, video, ppt, pdf or any format with good content and link then share it on different platforms like website, forums, social media, emails will give you good backlinks and engage your customers. Most of the digital marketing companies and bloggers use this off page SEO method to get the backlink.

Local Listing:

Adding your website to local directories like justdial, sulekha, yellopages. These directories are getting updated frequently and it’s more targeted towards giving business details. If you have business in some city and you are listed in all local websites then the chances of getting the audience from that particular geographic area will be high.


The easiest way to get backlink is commenting, find the website or Blog who also writes or talk about the same topic or niche. Go there blog section, and you will find at the end of the post you can write the comment. Make sure the blog comment is allowing you to create the do follow link and instantly approving your comment. If you only leave your website link then they may not approve so the best practice of blog commenting is write about the post in 3 to 4 line and in between try to add a link.

Apart from these good off page seo techniques, few more methods are here you can follow:

  1. Question answer
  2. Web 2.0 Submission
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Link Exchange
  5. Press Release Submission
  6. Mini Blog Posts for YouTube Descriptions
  7. Reviews from Multiple Sources

In WordPress there are few tools you can use to do some of the off page optimization tasks. these are few popular off page SEO techniques most of the bloggers and digital marketers are using. And in 2018 also this SEO off page techniques is going to used to generate more traffic and get a good result in search engine.

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