How To Fix sitemap Fatching error in WordPress site

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Hello Friends today we are talking about Google indexing as you all know what Google Search Console is and how it works and what it is and what it is, these are the things that Every child knows each other, but we do not need to talk to each other, so friends today we are going to talk about the important point of view, that is when we make a website, then we If you have a problem with your site map Problem in the Google Search Console, then you can find out how friends can solve the problem. The same thing in the Friends Search Console is the same issue today. If we do a sitemap, it matters, if it does not match.

1) Could not Fatch

how to solve your problem, first of all you can log in to your wordpress dashboard then go to the settings. then click on the Permalinks In the default.

the Changes you have to select a post name.

then you have to select Save Changes, then the Site Map is to be an add in the search console. Your Site Map will be added successfully.

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